Innovation is inherent to the success of MAWDY in Ireland. The digitalisation of home and vehicle assistance, claims management and other insurance services through innovative use of technology is the future of insurance. We have introduced several new products to the Irish market, and continue to innovate and refine our product suite to meet an ever-changing environment.

MiA Drive

MiA is a suite of digital solutions that respond to new challenges and trends.

MiA Drive is a multichannel breakdown assistance service that allows customers to notify MAWDY of a breakdown, geo-locate their GPS co-ordinates, and rate the service received, all without the need for human


We have partnered with LeakBot to provide early leak detection to the customers of a leading Irish insurer. This device is simple to install, and monitors water and air temperature, notifying the customer by text if we suspect a leak.

Our leak engineers can use thermal imaging and other technology to resolve the issue.

LeakBot benefits customers through early detection of potential future water damage, while the insurer gains from lower claims costs.


MAWDY in Ireland work closely with insur_space, the Group’s innovation hub, which selects insurtech companies from across the globe and invests €100m each year in driving innovation that our partners can benefit from.