Home Emergency

Provide assistance to your customers when they experience an emergency in their home.

Peace of Mind

We partner with many companies (including some of Ireland’s largest financial institutions) to provide assistance for their customers for any emergency in the home – burst water pipes, a broken pane of glass, or an electrical emergency. We can also provide boiler service, leak and flooding detection, home helpline, and other services.

Available 24/7

Our established network of providers are on-hand to make any repairs that are required. We have tradespeople on 24/7 standby, ready to call out when your customer needs them to carry out emergency repairs and limit the extent of damage. Our home emergency assistance enables our partners to add value and increase customer loyalty, while helping to provide their customers with peace of mind and security in their home.

Evolving Home Insurance

Partnership with LeakBot gives us the ability to provide early leak detection to customers. The LeakBot device monitors water and air temperature, and notifies the customer if a leak is suspected. Our leak engineers can then use thermal imaging and other technology to resolve the issue. LeakBot benefits customers through early detection of potential future water damage, while the insurer gains from lower claims costs.